Compassion Ministries

Opportunities For Your Church To Serve - The Project 2024

Is your church interested in participating? Registration is open through Friday, April 12th. All participating churches must register using the link below and plan to send a project leader to one of our upcoming orientation sessions. 

Have questions? Contact Steve Styer at or 717-735-7540 ext. 7.


Mark your calendars! July 2024 is The Project for Love INC of Lancaster County.
Volunteers from churches all over the county work together to serve neighbors
in need, through small home repairs, yard work and various other projects,
right here in Lancaster. Whether individuals have a knack for being handy or
just a heart to serve, your church family can make a kingdom impact with the
gifts God has given you! Will you join us? 

How does The Project work?
It all begins when churches want to do a “missions trip” in their own home town.  Talented and handy people are willing to serve neighbors  who cannot afford repairs and are experiencing financial hardships due to fixed income constraints.  A church gathers folks who are good with simple carpentry, electric, plumbing, painting, outdoor yard work, or cleaning “high spots I can’t reach”.  In July, as suits your church team’s schedule, Christ-followers go build some relationships and help their neighbors.  

How many people does a church need to have ready to participate?
It doesn’t matter.  During the spring, churches need to muster as many people as are willing to serve. If outreach is in your tribe’s DNA, we can figure out how to scale our approach.  For example, if one church in a community wants to serve, we can tailor our approach on a smaller scale and offer help to a particular street or neighborhood.  If several churches in a school district or town are ready to serve together, we can use a local newspaper and invite a whole school district area to call with their needs for help.  We will work with your specific church’s parameters and help you frame your approach – no matter how new your tribe is to the process.

We need volunteers who are not handy and can even serve administratively. 
We need folks who are willing to come alongside our phone system to collect calls, make confirmation calls, and establish the project lists.  Together with the Love INC staff, a solid team of folks coordinating all projects is a must.  So, even if you’re not “handy” you can serve your neighbor during Compassion month by helping organize it ahead of time! 

Thank You To Our 2024 Project Sponsors!

This year Love INC of Lancaster County is excited to come alongside many communities via THE PROJECT to help homeowners struggling to afford necessary home repairs. In 2023, work teams from 33 churches mobilized 612 volunteers and served 5,211 hours, completing home repairs, outside projects, and more. Church work teams are forming now for Summer 2024! 

Your financial support will ensure that we advertise our services well to those who need it; have scholarship money for supplies and materials for those who cannot afford them; and are able to be fully present when calls begin to come in May.

After Easter, in April, friends-from-church help an organization in their community that has a history of transforming lives.

During July and August, as fits your churches schedule, friends from church B.L.E.S.S. a local neighbor experiencing material poverty through simple, essential home repairs. 

In time for Thanksgiving, friends from church B.L.E.S.S. a local neighbor experiencing material poverty by providing ingredients for their Thanksgiving meal.

Have questions about any of these ministry opportunities, interested in learning more or want to find out how you can serve?