An Amazing Opportunity

A single mom who recently moved from one of Love INC’s Homes of Hope has a bright future ahead of her, because you cared.  “Susan” was struggling to make ends meet, even though she was working full time.  She had a good relationship with her son and spent every weekend with him, but because her son lived with his father, she was paying child support and was unable to save what she needed for an apartment of her own.  While being cared for by the churches in her Homes of Hope community, “Susan” found another part-time job and is now working sixty hours a week.  It’s not easy, but because she got a second chance through Homes of Hope, she is now living on her own, and able to insure that she can care for herself, as well as her son.  “Thank you so much for everything,” she said.  “This was such an amazing opportunity.  I am just so, so thankful!”