Faithfully Every Week

This summer we received a call in the Clearinghouse from a Contact Person who was given a respite care request five years ago. An elderly gentleman needed care one time a week so his wife could have time alone to run errands and just have a break. The man’s family was involved as well but the need was great.  A volunteer was found and developed a relationship with this man. Our volunteer, “Sam,” visited faithfully every week for almost 5 years.  He grew very close to the family and even spent whole days with George so the family could attend weddings, graduations, reunions, etc.

Recently George passed away at 93 years old.   The family gave “Sam” a gift certificate to thank him for his friendship to their husband, father, uncle, and told him they do not want to lose him as a friend!   Love in the Name of Christ was truly shown, to not only Sam, but to his whole family!